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Tourmaline Gem

RM 35.00

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Acera Tumbler:

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Product Description

Portable tourmaline gem that purify and soften the liquid content. 

Features: Tourmaline Anion - Patented Far infrared and negative ion Technology. The tourmaline glazed surface heightens the flavor and freshness of any beverage. The tourmaline's charged negative ions add a pure taste, while neutralizing harsh chlorine and other impurities.

Material: Ceramics

Dimension: 35*35mm  


In every ceramic piece, the delicacy of hand-carved details and exceptional artistry add to its functional and artistic values. Glazed with valuable white crystal tourmaline as part of its patented manufacturing process, the LIVEN Series utilizes a far range infrared (FIR) technology pioneered by ACERA. When applied to crystalized tourmaline, that mineral constantly releases the same healthful negative ions you breathe in near a waterfall or after a spring rain. Liquids in tourmaline become softer and more favorable as they acquire an alkaline character that promotes a healthier lifestyle. 



The Tourmaline Anion ceramic contains no lead or cadmium; it is environmentally friendly and can purify water instantly. Let drinking water stand for 1-3 minutes, the smell of chlorine will reduce or disappear. Water will become Ionized and more alkaline.

Drink from ceramic! Tourmaline Gem can be used and is good for all acidic beverages such as water, coffee and tea, etc… NO PLASTIC, NO METAL

WORRY-FREE TRAVEL: Just bring along and can be put into any beverage. With far infrared ray ceramic, and finely carved cultural icons, the Tourmaline Far Infrared Ceramic is convenient and fashionable for modern business people.

ACERA Liven Series combines modern technology and traditional techniques in its handmade engravings and paintings and is processed with multiple handcrafted techniques and repeated high temperature treatment. 

All products are handmade and vary slightly with how the glaze will settle.