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ACERA LIVEN (Ceramic Tumblers)
Beautiful handcrafted ceramic tumblers enriched with tourmaline, which improves the quality and taste of your beverage with its patented technology. ACERA introduced unique ceramic techniques and patented technology to rigorous manufacturing processes, and adopt both traditional and modern designs. 

Biorepair (Oral care)
Biorepair is no ordinary toothpaste. It contains revolutionary microRepair microparticle that are formed by hydroxyapatite crystals (Zinc-substituted-carbonated -hydroxyapatite) similar to tooth enamel and bind to enamel and dentin, recreating the natural tooth protection.

Namir (Skin care)
Namir is inspired by water. Comparing to the traditional skin care, Namir is not satisfied with just simple spring water or purified water. Each and every drop of water in Namir  products is distilled by our breakthrough plant selection. It keeps the most essence of the plants and effectively cures the skin problem.  

Vigill (Personal care)
Vigill dedicated to personal feminine care since 1986 by providing professional intimate health care that conditioned from internal and defenced from external. Products are specially designed to provide with high-quality, more detailed and complete privacy maintenance options for the sensitive and intimate private parts of Oriental women. Through comprehensive maintenance both inside and outside, the women personal condition is under cared and women can enjoy each day with ease.

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