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Biorepair® is an innovative and advanced toothpaste that repairs and 
rebuilds the damaged surface of enamel and dentin.

microRepair® consists of hydroxyapatite crystals, a mineral that makes up 90% of tooth enamel and 70% of dentine. Thanks to the biomimetic capacity of these crystals (i.e. their ability to imitate the entire biological structure and component), they chemically bond to the natural tooth enamel and repair it, without the need for additional components acting as glue 

What Biorepair® does:

1.Repairs enamel
by depositing new material

2.Reduces dentine hypersensitivity in 30 seconds
by closing exposed dentinal tubules that cause sensitivity and pain

3.Fights bacterial growth and the formation of cavities
by freeing antibacterial zinc ions

Daily use of Biorepair toothpaste & dental floss and visit dentist regularly (every six month)