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LIVEN Products Cleaning and Maintenance


For Best Results

■ Keep the porcelain products out of reach of children to avoid falling/breaking, and to prevent children from being scalded.
■ Pour hot water until the tumbler is 80% full, to leave room for steam circulation.
■ Make sure the cap is properly tightened to avoid leaking.
■ Please hand wash your product and cap thoroughly after use and put them away separately to dry.
■ Do not put the product in microwave ovens in order to avoid damaging the double wall insulation.
■ It is suggested to use our single-wall tumblers with tumbler sleeves to insulate the heat of hot water.
■ Consumables, such as tumbler caps, gaskets and tumbler sleeves, if in a poor condition after long-term use, are purchasable in our direct-sale shops.
■ Clean the ceramic products with sponges or special scouring pads. Do NOT use stainless steel scrubbing pads that may damage the glazed surfaces. Tumbler caps should be cleaned with sponges as well.
■ Avoid using isopropyl rubbing alcohol or other solvents to clean the faux wood lids.