Snow Rose Crystal Whitening Essence 30ml

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About Namir 

Namir is a Taiwan made Plant base skin care product includes 3in1 makeup remover, mask, toner, essence and many other natural products. Suitable for all skin types. Try it now for a best facial care and natural fragrance healing therapy!  

Namir is inspired by Water

Namir is inspired by water. Comparing to the traditional skin care, Namir is not satisfied with just simple spring water or purified water. Each and every drop of water in Namir products is distilled by our breakingthrough plant selection. It keeps the most essence of the plants and effectively cures the skin problem. 

The Energy of Natural Power

Namir always insists using the best quality and selected plants; always insists natural extraction. Namir removes all the harmful ingredients from the products and are truly safe, natural and effective.

Namir Says NO
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