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The Secret of Namir

Namir is inspired by Water
Namir is inspired by water. Comparing to the traditional skin care, Genuine Namir is not satisfied with just simple spring water or purified water. Each and every drop of water in Genuine Namir products is distilled by our breakingthrough plant selection. It keeps the most essence of the plants and effectively cures the skin problem.   

The unique Golden Proportion Essential Oil
In the market, simple formula essential is not capable of solving the skin problems. Genuine Namir has blended the golden proportion essential oil after many times of experiments. The new formula keeps the most of freshness. In addition, it is more effective and more targeted to cure the skin.

The Energy of Natural Power
Genuine Namir always insists using the best quality and selected plants; always insists natural extraction. We remove all the harmful ingredients from our products. Genuine Namir is truly safe, natural and effective.

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