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ACERA, founded in 1986 by Yu Chun-Ming, is a Taiwanese brand, which interprets the tradition of the best Taiwan craftsmanship in a modern way. Its travel mugs, in fine ceramic, are its iconic products. Aiming at creating a world-renowned brand of ceramic products, ACERA introduced unique ceramic techniques and patented technology to rigorous manufacturing processes, and adopt both traditional and modern designs. By continuously dedicating to progress and innovation, ACERA provides its customers with quality and safety- certified products. Looking ahead, ACERA’s mission is to protect our environment and make the best use of resources under a core concept: “respect nature and cherish all”, and create a modern lifestyle with products that feature cultural, creative and advanced ceramic crafts.

ACERA LIVEN's eco-friendly travel tumblers specifically designed to optimize your drinking experience. Unlike any other common bottle, LIVEN tumblers improve the quality and taste of your beverage with its patented tourmaline anion technology. All materials selected by ACERA are safe: cadmium and lead free ceramics as well as all plastics and silicone proven safe by the FDA and SGS. 

The entire Liven collection is made of ceramic enriched with white tourmaline, a semi precious rare Brazilian gemstone. This type of gem carries a permanent electrical charge when subjected to heat, releasing beneficial far infrared rays and negative ions that helps in the purification process and achieving alkalinity. 

Exploring the artisanal secrets of an age old Taiwanese tradition, Acera interprets the ancient craft of pottery. Every piece is made and decorated by hand, crafted with select materials imported from around the world. Made with rigorous control, multi stage quality inspections and patented high temperature techniques.