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How awesome is the Grapefruit Makeup Cleansing Gel ?!

How awesome is the Grapefruit Makeup Cleansing Gel ?!

YES!! It is just very Awesome!

As you can see in this video how this girl was wearing heavy makeup, and she was holding this awesome gel to remove her make up and finished her routine wash-up within one minute. 

For this cleansing, you only need to use a bit amount onto your palm and massage directly onto your face, using gentle circular motions. After 30 seconds, rinse thoroughly with water and you can feel it quickly melt away makeup and mascara. You also can feel your face is becoming so smooth due to the grapefruit oil, citrus fruits extract and aloe vera ingredients which make your skin moisturize. 

Key Reason to choose Namir : No Bad Ingredients

Namir removes all the harmful ingredients from the products and are truly safe, natural and effective.

Namir always insists using the best quality and selected plants, and natural extraction.

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